AS9100D תעודת הסמכה

אדוויס אלקטרוניקה AS9100D תעודת הסמכה

Xerox Scan 19062019133629 800
This is to certify that
Advice Electronics Ltd

(Aviation and Defence Department)
Atir Yeda 16
Kfar Saba
is registered as a Single Site quality management system in conformance with
The audit was conducted in accordance with the requirements of SAE AS9104/1:2012‐01
PRI Registrar is accredited under the ICOP Scheme
Scope of Registration:
Development and Design, Manufacturing and Integration Control to
Power Supply System in the Avionics and Defence Industries

Number: 15‐IL0058
Issued: 6‐23‐2019
Expires: 6‐22‐2022